Jofli Bear

Let me tell you about Jofli bear.


Joflli & Nxy

So this is is the story of our lovely Jofli bear and how he joined our family. When I was pregnant we meet the love lady who runs the Jofli Bear company at the WI show in London in 2016. I feel in love with the idea of Jofli and taking him place and recording jofli journey and what we get up to and then passing it on the little one when she got here. If I'm totally honest with you all it didn't last long after we got him and the novelty wore off.

Over the last 21 months I have just been using the changing bag for everything to go in milk, money, key, change of cloths, toys all sorts. I found Jofli in the cupboard about month again now and I have been using him as my bag ever since and its been the best thing ever. we have started to capture what Jofli is up to again.